Coloramo Federal Credit Union was established with an Organization Certificate on June 8, 1953 issued by the Bureau of Federal Credit Unions. It started with eight original members purchasing one share at the par value of $5, providing assets of $40.  The original members were Colorado Raw Materials Office employees.  From serving members in the log cabin at the Atomic Energy Commission compound until 1984, to residing at 910 Main Street for 16 years, Coloramo’s main office has been located at the corner of 28 Road and Bunting Avenue in Grand Junction since 2001. To serve area residents better, Coloramo has opened branches in different areas of the valley. Coloramo opened its 2nd branch location at 759 Horizon Drive in 2004. The Fruita Branch, located on the Fruita Circle at 138 S. Park Square, opened in 2007. Coloramo opened its 4th branch on Orchard Mesa in 2010 at 2706 Highway 50, next to Randy’s SouthsideDiner. Coloramo’s building addition at the main office was completed in May 2013 to handle our growing mortgage department! Coloramo serves 9,460 members and has assets of $89 million. Since April 2002, Coloramo has been able to serve all individuals who live, work, or attend school in Mesa County, and all who have immediate family who live, work or attend school in Mesa County.

Credit Unions are cooperatives. A cooperative (co-op) belongs to the people who use it, and operates solely for the members' benefit. The member-owners share equally in the co-op's direction, either directly as a volunteer, or by electing the board of directors that oversees policies and hires top management to run the daily business. It is a responsibility and privilege for members to contribute to the successful growth, direction, and integrity of the Credit Union.